What is "Pulp Speed", anyway?

What is “pulp speed”, you may ask… and why are we writing at pulp speed, anyway?

In short, “pulp speed” is a term made popular by Dean Wesley Smith to describe the pace at which pulp fiction writers would write to pound out book after book, day after day, to pay the bills.

You can read one of his pulp speed posts here.

For the purposes of Wolf and Raven Media Company and the books we produce, we write at a generic “pulp speed”. That is to say, we don’t believe or accept that a book must take a year to be good. Or ten years. Or God forbid, a lifetime.

We write good stories fast, based on solid, proven story structure and the mountain of ideas which pass through our heads. If we didn’t write fast, we’d never get to all the juicy ideas which come…and keep coming… day after day. We can barely start a story before another one begins to grow.